Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

I finally broke down and installed it, and here's some initial thoughts:

The Bad:

-The "Default Keyring" thing is still around, and it must die. Now.
- There should be an option to install "forbidden" codec support and encrypted DVD playback during installation. Given the amount of people who need to play MP3s alone, this should be a no brainer. I'm sick of having to explain to potential Ubuntu users why they can't do something every other operating does out of the box without jumping through hoops.
- No volume control on the top bar without the mail/messaging control? Really?
- Adding the Medibuntu repository is still a necessary evil if you want to use Handbrake or FFWin to convert Flash video to another format... like for your iPhone or PSP.

The Good:

- Snappy boot performance, slightly better than before.
- I thought I'd hate the new cosmetic changes, but the left-side window controls are actually kind of handy, and the new default theme is actually pretty cool looking (salmon accents aside).
- Overall better performance.
- New Thunderbird and Firefox. The former especially is a major upgrade.
- Ubuntu Software Center. It's almost to the point of being the easiest package manager ever made.

It feels more like a non-Long Term Service release, but still worth upgrading IMHO. My issues may not be the same as yours, so take my comments accordingly.

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