Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A note on burning DVDs in Ubuntu

If you have issues with DVDs burning far more slowly than the burner is rated for (and you know the blank DVD+/-Rs you're using are also rated for the same speed), here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure that your PC can keep up with the data rate. Disable hard-disk intensive programs while burning (usually the burn would fail if this is the case, but just to be on the safe side...).
  • Install K3B. It's the best overall disc burner in Ubuntu anyways.
  • If you're still getting low burn speeds, go into the settings menu, K3b settings, and the advanced tab. There, check "Force unsafe operations". It should now burn substantially faster.
Please note I'm currently running Ubuntu 9.10. On other versions, your mileage may vary. Also, please don't hold me responsible for a hardware failure if something happens. When in doubt, double-check your settings and documentation before trying anything.

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