Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mounting CDs/DVDs in Dosbox on Ubuntu 10.04

Since Ubuntu 10.04 uses the CD/DVD volume name for the subdirectory it mounts the CD/DVD to, you can't use
as a standard CD/DVD mount directory in Dosbox like you could in the past. This means you either have to change your /etc/fstab file (as detailed here - use at your own risk! I have not tried this.), or you have to make separate entires in your dosbox.conf file for each CD you want to use. For example, if you wanted to mount the Full Throttle CD, you'd put this in the [autoexec] section of your dosbox.conf:
mount d /media/FT1_00 -t cdrom
You could then generate a list of CDs like so:

mount d /media/FT1_00 -t cdrom
mount d /media/DN_3D -t cdrom
mount d /media/SQVI -t cdrom

And use the commenting marks to select out everything except the CD you're trying to mount:

mount d /media/FT1_00 -t cdrom
#mount d /media/DN_3D -t cdrom
#mount d /media/SQVI -t cdrom

A front-end could potentially make this problem a non-issue, but I dislike using them, so there yah go. ;)

Oh, and remember that you can still use .ISO or .BIN/.CUE disk images as well (in fact, they're the *only* way to properly use multisession CDs in DOSBox at the moment.)

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